Term & Conditions

Regestration and Payment :

Suddenly Regestration : Tour Regestration still can be accept less than 1 week. But depends on the avalaibility of Airplane and Boat/klotok.
Deposit : Each tour registration must be pay the downpayment minimum 30% from total payment and 100% for airPlane tickets. We will send the final confirmation and invoice
OTO, for this moment we receive the payment only by Bank transfer or cash on arrival (IDR)
Restpayment : Restpayment of the tour can be pay 15 days before visiting . Or you can pay on arrival in Pangkalan Bun airport (but you have to show us your airplane ticket and sending copy of your passport). But for foreign currency exchange will be adjusted with local rate.
If payment not according to the procedure, we think the tour participants be considered canceling the tour and will be charged the cancelation fee.

Cancelation :
Cancelation by tour paticipants because something else, it will be charge a cancellation fee :

  • More than 22 days before departure : 10 & from total payment
  • 21 – 15 days before departure : 20 % from total payment
  • 14 – 07 days before departure : 30 % from total payment
  • 07 – 04 days before departure : 50 % from total payment
  • Less than 4 day before departure : 100 % from total payment

Tour Price :
The tour price can be change  if there price increases of airfares, hotel, transportation, entrance permit, services and foreign exchange rates.

Extension and change the tour packages :

Deviation outside the tour planned is the responsibility of tour participants, such as the additional cost for airfares, hotel, klotok/boat etc.
Change the tour because participant illness, accident, immigration, customs, quarantine and other so are out  control of the OTO that deviate from the way which has been specified in the tour program, then this will be re-scheduled according to the availability of air tickets and klotok / boat (if participants still want to go) but this will incur an additional fee or cancellation fee.

The price including :

  1. Airport or hotel transport
  2. Klotok/traditional wooden boat, long 15 m and wide 2,5 – 3 m
  3. Tour guide and own cook
  4. Meals during the trip
  5. Refreshment
  6. Entrance permit
  7. Ranger fee

The price excluding :

  1. Airfares
  2. Personal insurance
  3. Personal expenses
  4. Additional tour
  5. Tips for the crew

Baggage and Flight reservation

Some countries forbid the foods such as meat / shredded meat, fruits, vegetables, grains, and (part of) a protected animal for entry into the country. Tour participants has responsibility for items carried at the time of the tour. Tour participants are not justified bring forbidden items / narcotics and souvenirs that are considered excessive merchandise. Violation of this is the responsibility of tour participants.
And for ticket booking you can contact us and we will help you as long as tickets are still available. For luggage in aircraft ranging from 10kg luggage free (for small aircraft) and 20 kg free for larger aircraft or in accordance with the provisions of the airlines.


OTO always strive to provide the best service and be responsible for the trip, but as tour organizer, OTO NOT RESPONSIBLE & NOT BE LIABLE TO: accident, damage, loss and delay of baggage by the airline, hotel and other transportation equipment. Failure, interruption and delay of the aircraft / train / other transportation equipment that causes loss of time, the additional cost of replacement hotel, air transportation or do not use a visitor's visa that has been owned by the tour participants. Changes in travel resulting from natural disasters, riots and so on that are Force Majeur. Participant's death because of illness, accidents, and others. And other causes beyond or out of our control.